Writer, artist 

Winner of the V. P. Aksenov Prize - "Zvezdnyi Bilet". His novel "Vera" was awarded the Russian Booker Prize. Alexander's talent can be observed in all of his creative directions: from literature to fine arts.

Graphic works by Alexander Snegirev, which are a kind of artistic and philosophical commentary on social networks and their users. Thus, the artist draws the viewer's attention to the primacy of visual communication for a modern person. Through the prism of his work, Snegirev demonstrates that social networks today are a new way of self-expression with their already well-established canons and rules of image and presentation.

The focus of Snegirev's work is women, for whom repetitive, formulaic postures and facial expressions have become an integral part of self-identification and communication. The artist aptly notes the mood of such publications, sneers at the subtext, thereby emphasizing the paradox of what is happening. For some of his works, Snegirev makes "captions" that play up those that the girls post under their Instagram photos.

In his works, Snegirev analyzes the relationship between the plasticity of the human body and the desire to demonstrate his own individuality through his own photographic images. It is important to emphasize that the artist has chosen one of the oldest methods of depiction [graphics] to illustrate the modern medium of self-expression - “selfie”.

Many works are created on paper bags. This is the principal choice of the author. In this way, he wants to draw the viewer's attention to the recycling process and demonstrate an alternative use of familiar materials. According to Snegirev: "... our era is the era of recycling, the very essence of being is constant recycling and transition from one state to another."


2020 "Gallery Omelchenko 5 years", Moscow, Russia