Born in 1986,  Moscow.
Studied at the British Higher School of Art and Design. The artist's picturesque canvases are graphic, the main accents are created through colors and composition. Through the prism of his perception of the world, Rittenberg creates a visual language. The philosophy of drawing and creativity of the artist were formed under the influence of travels in India, Kamchatka and Asia. The Dream series was created during a pandemic. A dream for an artist is the energy that was so necessary for all of us, despite all the difficulties, fuss and panic associated with the pandemic. The first work is the embodiment of a "dream" for the artist. He places it in a space with recognizable architectural and natural elements, thereby actualizing his dream. The works from the “Dream” series have a logical order, starting with the work “D01” and ending with “D10” together with the author we go through all the stages on the way to this dream. But it seems that we are moving away from her more and more. The mountains on the horizon place the viewer in a different space, with a new energy flow. The staircase in Rittenberg's works is a path to nowhere, but it helps the viewer to understand that only moving forward can bring us closer to such a desired and unattainable dream.
Selected exhibitions:
2020 Group exhibition “5 years of Omelchenko Gallery” (Moscow, Russia)
2020 Personal exhibition Sol x Magneto (Moscow, Russia)