From November 22 till December 22, the first joint exhibition of Tatyana and Natalia Tolstye “One plus one. Dialogue" takes place in OMELCHENKO GALLERY. This project is an attempt to trace the path of mother and daughter in art. Both artists in their work are based on the traditions of the avant-garde.
In the art of mother and daughter there are number of common features, a kind of pictorial continuity that characterizes and defines their work: decorativeness, flatness, expression, emotionality. It is important that these qualities are not an end in themselves, but they serve as a tool to achieve the desired effect. The artists' works are characterized by‎ elegant simplicity, conciseness and a general linguistic style.
Tatyana Tolstaya - a graphic artist, illustrator of books, Honored Artist of Russia - was inspired by European abstractionism and graphics of the 1920-s. Natalia Tolstaya belongs to a new generation of artists. Brought up in an art family, she was immersed in the atmosphere of art from childhood. Her father - the great-grandson of Leo Tolstoy, Oleg Tolstoy - was a famous Moscow artist - painter.
In her work, Natalia Tolstaya creates the usual archetypes for everyone -  person, love, sky, temple, bird. These images are encrypted in signs and symbols, they encourage the viewer to reveal the idea of ​​the work in order to come closer to their sacred meaning.
The exhibition is dedicated to the 90th birthday of Tatyana Tolstaya.