Petr Karachentsov is an illustrator, painter, author and participant of art events.
Born on April 7, 1956 in Moscow. He studied at Krasnopresnenskaya Art School under G. T. Stopa and V. A. Komar. In 1978 he graduated from the art and graphic department of the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute. Since 1988, is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists. He worked in Yunost Journal, publishing houses "Rainbow", "Soviet writer" and many others.
Lives and works in Moscow. Member of more than thirty group and personal exhibitions in Russia, Poland and Germany.
2015     group exhibition, Omelchenko Gallery, Moscow
2013     group exhibition "Spring exacerbation", A3 Gallery, Moscow
2013     solo exhibition, A3 Gallery, Moscow
2011     group exhibition “Space Apology”, A3 Gallery, Moscow
2010     group exhibition "Ommazh", А3 Gallery, Moscow
2009     group exhibition "Atlantis", A3 Gallery, Moscow
2008     group exhibition “Untitled”, A3 Gallery, Moscow
2007     group exhibition "Impossible (project "Document 12"), Packhof Gallery, Kassel, Germany
2005     group exhibition "Picture №1", A3 Gallery, Moscow
2004     group exhibition "Art without excuses", Museum of Architecture named after A.V. Schusev, Moscow
2004     Art Moscow, together with A. Osmolovsky
2002     action "Salute - Champagne", Moscow Museum of Modern Art
2002     exhibition "Euro", Museum and Community Center named after A. Sakharov, Moscow
2001     action “Rehearsal of passage through the wall”, L-Gallery, Moscow
2000     participation in the exhibition of the Moscow Union of Artists, New Manege, Moscow
2000     participation in the Fokom-2000 Exhibition, New Manege, Moscow
2000     participation in the exhibition "Moscow - St. Petersburg", Central Exhibition Hall of Manege, St. Petersburg
1999     participation in the Fokom-99 Festival, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1999     action "Attempt to meet the new 2000", Moscow
1997     group exhibition in A3 Gallery, Moscow
1997     participation in "Art Manege - 97", Moscow
1996     “Image of perspective. Part 2”, L-gallery, Moscow
1996     “Image of perspective. Part 1”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1995     group exhibition, A3 Gallery, Moscow
1994     Traditions and Postmodernism, the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
1993     "Salute" - Champagne ", the Pushkin State Museum of Modern Art
1993     View action, Art Manege exhibition, Moscow
1991     exhibition, Editorial Office of Yunost magazine
Petr Karachentsov's works are in the State Tretyakov Gallery, galleries and private collections in Russia, Poland, France, Germany, the USA.